Dr Mark HassedRecently I bought a car from a dealer that was 25 minutes from my home. I could have bought the exact same car from a dealer 10 minutes from home but the salesman there was so annoying that I drove the extra distance.

What mistakes did the salesman make and is this relevant to dentistry? The answers are three and yes!

Mistake #1 — Poor rapport

In order to establish rapport you don't have to become someone's new best friend. But you do have to be keen, interested and attentive. The first salesman was disinterested. He had an air as if I was an interruption to his real work.

In your dental practice are you bright, warm and eager when the patient enters the room? I've seen dentists typing on the computer and wave their hands as a gesture for the patient to take a seat. That's not welcoming. It gets you off on a bad footing right from the start.

You must get up, smile warmly, look the patient square in the eye and shake their hand.

Next week — Mistake #2.

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