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A friend said to me recently “I followed your advice.”

That's always an interesting statement because I try to remember what that advice was and sincerely hope that it worked out well.

In this case the advice was to buy an OPG machine. The dentist was over the moon with the results.

I advise every single dentist who asks to buy an OPG machine for their practice. To me it's a no-brainer because an OPG, if used properly, pays for itself in a year or less. There's no other piece of equipment that gives such a wonderful return on investment.

If you take 400 OPGs a year (an easy task) then it will generate fee revenue of $40,000 which exceeds the purchase cost of an OPG unit.

But, let's leave aside the fee revenue. Here are more reasons why an OPG is brilliant.

  1. You find unexpected work.
  2. You reduce mistakes.
  3. An OPG is the only x-ray patients can understand. A single tooth with an abscess stands out.
  4. An overall view makes treatment planning easier.

So, if your practice doesn't have an OPG you really need to question why.

You can quote me on that!


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