Dr Mark HassedIntra-oral cameras have become very popular over the past 20 years. For a couple of grand you can take ultra close-up pictures of teeth and then show patients.

My question is why?

Dentists think they are proving their case and getting acceptance by taking these pictures. But, there are problems. It takes time, many patients find the photos gross and the vast majority don't understand what they are looking at. A photo that is full of meaning to a dentist is utterly confusing to a patient. Most patients may as well be looking at a picture of Pluto for all they know.

Here's a much simpler way to prove your case. Use your nurse.

Show her the crack or pulp exposure or whatever and comment on it: “Look at the crack running right through the tooth.” When she says “Wow! I can see it.” you have proved your case without the drawbacks of an intra-oral camera.

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