Dr Mark HassedTop dentists have average daily collections of $8,000 or more. Mediocre dentists collect around $2,000 per day.

Recently, I had a dramatic insight into the reason why.

At a conference I spoke at I tried an experiment. I said the following:

“I'm talking on a lot of other things today but I've collected a list of the absolute best dental materials out there. I'm happy to send you that list, just give me a business card and I'll email it to you.”

10% of the attendees gave me a business card and the remaining 90% didn't.

I reckon that this is reflective of the state of mind of mediocre dentists.

They lack curiosity and energy.

Being curious means that you are constantly looking for new knowledge and trying to find a better way to do things.

Being energetic means that you take opportunities that present themselves and don't sit back waiting to be spoon fed.

So, if you want to improve your practice be curious about what information is out there and energetically pursue opportunities.

If you are one of the dentists who produces $2,000 per day then the fault is not in the alignment of the planets. Have a good look at yourself.

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