Dr Mark HassedOver the past few years I've been fortunate to have watched more than 30 dentists consult with patients and explain treatment options.

Of all the reasons that I've seen for patients not choosing ideal treatment one reason in particular stands out above all the others.

That reason is that the dentist never gave the patient the option of ideal treatment in the first place. The dentist just did a filling and did not offer the crown or did composite veneers and never offered porcelain veneers or pulled the tooth out and never offered endo and so on.

My opinion is that you must always offer ideal treatment regardless of what you perceive the patient's financial situation to be and let them make the choice.

The reason many of the dentists I observed are so reluctant to offer ideal treatment is fear of rejection. Their fear is that if you tell the patient that a crown is an option and it costs $1,800 maybe they won't like you and maybe they might leave the practice.

Do you always give your patients their options or do you sometimes go straight for compromise treatment?

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