Dr Mark HassedOf the dozens of practices I've visited over the past ten years the number that were set up for high efficiency were two — mine and one other.

Most ranged between moderately inefficient and very inefficient. A few were almost unbelievably inefficient.

Maybe it's how my brain works but being efficient has never been hard for me.

What you have to do is set up the systems and staffing so the dentist can spend all their time working with patients and zero time on duties that can be delegated.

To achieve this there are three prices to be paid. You need sufficient, well-trained staff. You need sufficient equipment and space. You need to think through what you're doing and plan your procedures.

But, if you are prepared to pay those three prices, the rewards are enormous. You can produce huge amounts of high quality dentistry in a short, stress-free work week.

A thirty minute crown preparation is not out of reach for any dentist.

Over the coming few weeks I will expand on some of these aspects of efficiency. I hope you enjoy the series.

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