Dr Mark HassedThe costs of running a dental practice are getting higher every day.

Compliance, materials, staff, rent, utilities, laboratory and all the rest mean that keeping the doors of your office open can easily cost $200 per hour or more.

Therefore, to make a reasonable wage and cover your cost of invested capital, you need to gross around $400 per hour.

At that rate, I contend, you simply cannot afford to work out of one surgery.

Resetting a surgery nowadays takes, on average, 10 minutes. If you see 12 patients a day that means you are sitting idle for 2 hours a day watching the nurse clean the surgery if you choose to only have one surgery. At $400 per hour that is $800 per day of lost revenue.

Paying for another surgery full of equipment and the wages of a nurse makes your life so much easier. The extra nurse means you can work in a more relaxed fashion with far less waiting. The extra surgery means you can fit in extra patients and emergencies without stressing about running late.

It's a win for all concerned.

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