Dr Mark HassedGetting used to new dentures is very hard. Many people with partials give up and consign them to the bedside table after a few months.

Dentures are loose, they move, they trap food, they rub the gums and so on. And, that's even perfectly made ones!

The old saying is that happiness is when reality exceeds expectations, so the expectations you impart to your patient are crucial.

When you make dentures are you letting patients know in advance that they will be very difficult to get used to and it may take months of perseverance? Do you let them know that eating may be tricky and that the dentures will move around? Or do you just cheerily take the impressions?

And, similarly, when you do restorative work are you letting your patients know of the settling in period, sensitivity and cosmetic limitations.

If you let a patient know about the limitations of treatment prior to starting it sounds reasonable. If you let them know at the end of treatment when they are disappointed it sounds like an excuse.

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