Dr Mark HassedIn online forums and also in person dentists often ask for an opinion on how to handle a particular case.

“Should I do a bridge?” or “Should I consider a chrome denture?” or “How would I improve the aesthetics?” and so on.

Then, when you ask questions like “Is the tooth vital?” or “Can I see the PA?”, the dentist will often say “I'm not sure if it's vital” or “I don't have a pa.”

Suddenly you realise that they have not thought through the case at all. They're just shooting the breeze.

So, here's the bottom line.

Until you have gathered all the relevant information about a case everything is pure speculation.

And, speculation is worthless. A total waste of time.

What's even worse than speculating with other dentists is speculating with patients by saying things like: “We might one day consider doing a bridge.” or “We could perhaps look at a chrome denture.”

Do you ever speculate about treatment options prior to gathering all the facts? If so, you should stop it.

Patients don't want our hunches about what to do.

They want us to examine them thoroughly, consider their situation carefully and then deliver the treatment options is clear unequivocal language.

No speculation. No beating around the bush.

DentistThe Art of Case Acceptance is on again.

Learn how to get patients to accept the treatment they need.

Melbourne 25 February – click for details.

Sydney 8 April – click for details.

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