Dr Mark HassedUntil recently I'd never properly appreciated how nice it is to work with top quality dental hand instruments.

Recently, I worked in an office and they provided me with a motley selection of worn out hand instruments that are quite obviously the cheapest available. The probes were blunt, the instruments themselves were dull and bent and of all different makes and models. In the entire office it was impossible to put together 3 trays with identical instruments.

Two weeks later I was in an office that had beautiful, high quality dental hand instruments. They were an absolute delight to work with made more so by the comparison with the previous office. They were high quality, sharp and I had a dozen matched sets at my disposal. The dentist working with the low quality worn out instruments has no idea what he is missing.

When your livelihood and day to day enjoyment of work is involved, why wouldn't you have the best possible hand instruments? They last for years and so for just a few extra cents per day you can work with the best.

To me, that's a no-brainer.

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