Dr Mark HassedAs I travel around and visit practices I notice that many dentists are trying to be a Jack-of-all-trades.

In addition to “traditional” dentistry, I many see practices offering snoring appliances, TMJ therapy, removable and fixed orthodontics, implants, sleep dentistry, whitening, and cosmetic dentistry.

There is nothing wrong with having a special field of interest and being an expert in that area, but when you try to be an expert in everything you end up being an expert in nothing.

So many of the Jack-of-all-trades dentists wind up being mediocre at everything. They are mediocre in their standard of work and also mediocre in their efficiency and profitability.

I think a much better alternative is to really focus on and stand out in your areas of expertise. Pick something you love and become the go-to dentist in your area for that service.

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