Dr Mark Hassed

People often ask me: “What's the secret to working efficiently?”

The answer that I usually give is that there is no single secret. Rather, working efficiently, is taking care of a hundred little details.

Many dentists are looking for the one big thing they can do which will save an hour a day. Meanwhile they ignore the 200 small thing they do that waste 20 seconds every time they do them.

It's sort of like the old saying about money but changed to refer to time: “Watch the seconds and the hours will take care of themselves.”

Here's an example.

When shaping composite fillings the majority of dentists use red band burs (medium). The problem with that is that they leave a deeply scratched surface which then requires a lot of further polishing (and time) to get reasonably smooth.

It's much faster to trim composite fillings with yellow band burs (fine). They cut only slightly slower than red band burs but leave a surface that then only requires minimal further finishing.

If you want to become more efficient look for all the small time wasters.

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