Dr Mark HassedIn my seminar, The Art of Efficient Dentistry, I draw an analogy between a dental office and a Formula One racing team.

With your team solidly supporting you things run beautifully.

But, as we saw recently in the news, Daniel Ricciardo lost a Formula One race because his pit team weren't ready when they should have been.

A good rule to apply to your dental team is that they should always have things ready before you need them.

If they have things ready 30 seconds after you need them then the result is a stop-start work pattern and lost time. Multiply that time loss by 100 times a day and you lose the race.

If you're coming to one of my efficiency seminars this year please bring your team if possible.

I will show them the secrets of always being ready on time. It's easier if they hear it from me rather than you having to go back to the office and tell them.

Have a great week.

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