Dr Mark HassedRecently I was interviewed by Dr Howard Farran. During the interview he told me that he can take out any wisdom tooth, even very difficult surgical ones in 5 minutes or less.

I was impressed. Tricky ones sometimes take me 30 minutes.

Here's an interesting question: Who's should charge more — Howard who does it in 5 minutes or me who takes 30 minutes?

If you ask most dentists they would say I should charge more because I used more chair time. But, if you ask patients they would overwhelmingly prefer Howard. In fact lots of patients would probably pay twice as much to have it over and done in 5 minutes.

And, who would inflict less trauma? A person who had the surgical site open for 5 minutes or someone who had it open for 30 minutes?

My point is this.

When you improve your skills and become better at something don't drop your fees just because you can do it faster.

Patients are not paying for time. They are paying for an outcome. If you can do a good quality job in a short time then they are delighted. Charge more, not less.


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