Dr Mark HassedLet's look at an everyday scenario and see two different ways that it can be handled — a patient presents with a broken, heavily filled lower molar tooth.

In Office A, the dentists says: “I'll fix that” does the filling and then sends the patient out the door.

In Office B, the dentists discusses why the tooth broke, talks about the treatment options and explains that the drawback of a filling is that it “doesn't strengthen the tooth and it might break again.” The patient opts for the filling due to cost. The dentist does the filling and sends that patient out the door.

Fast forward one month. The same tooth has broken again.

In Office A, the patient is angry and wants the filling redone for free because “Your filling broke.”

In Office B, the patient is almost apologetic. They realise that they made a wrong choice and accept that they need to pay for further treatment.

Night and day isn't it? Yet, I've seen so many offices that behave like Office A.

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