Dr Mark HassedMany practices today have more free time than they would like. There are the dreaded “gaps in the appointment book”.

As a result many dentists are throwing big money at SEO, Facebook and various internet marketing and advertising.

The problem is that everyone is doing it — it's very hard to stand out in such a crowded area.

Here's an alternative for you to consider.

Have you formed a good solid bond with the GPs in your area?

GPs regularly see patients with dental problems and don't know what to do with them.

If you let it be known that you would always see them same day then you could have a regular and grateful source of new patients.

And, if I ran a city practice, I'd also form a bond with the concierges at the big hotels. Guests regularly have dental needs and the concierges get asked for recommendations.

This form of marketing might cost you a bottle of champagne once a year but it can return handsome dividends.



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