Dr Mark HassedSpeaking to a dentist quite some time ago they told me some pretty shocking news:

“My patients are working class. They can't afford the fancy stuff. They just want fillings, extractions and dentures.”

This was news to me.

I've been in practices all over Australia and my observation is that working class people want nice teeth too.

If you give them their options they will frequently pick ideal treatment even though it might be a financial struggle for them.

Some time later I got to visit this dentist's practice and talk with some patients.

As always I made no assumptions about what they could or could not afford. I just gave them their options.

What happened?

Contrary to the opinion of the dentist, all the patients wanted to save their teeth and most went for the more expensive option.

The dentist in question has been operating on a false assumption and it has adversely effected treatment outcomes for their patients for over 20 years.

Do you give every patient the opportunity to select ideal treatment?

My seminar dates for 2017 will be announced in December.

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