Dr Mark HassedOver the past two years I've watched more than a dozen dentists consulting with patients about needed treatment. There's one mistake that many make and it stymies their productivity and their ability to get a rapid decision from the patient.

I bet you'd like to know about the mistake so you can avoid it!

The mistake is failing to reach a definitive diagnosis prior to discussing treatment options with the patient.

Many dentists are so eager to start explaining things to the patient that they launch into treatment explanations when the diagnosis is still unclear.

This leads to a soft, spongy case presentation full of ifs, buts and maybes. It confuses the patient and wastes time. Sometimes things are explained unnecessarily — I've seen a dentist explain all about root fillings to a patient who didn't need one. Sometimes things are omitted — I've seen dentists leave out valid treatment options such as a bridge to replace a missing tooth.

The net effect is that the treatment consultation takes much longer than it should and the success rate is far lower than it should be. There is an old expression that is apt: “Confused people don't buy.”

This mistake is just one of five common errors that I've identified.

If you like to avoid errors and learn a time-efficient, bulletproof case presentation method with high patient acceptance then give me a call. In a single day I can get rid of all the common mistakes and get you doing it right.

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