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Would Practicing Dentistry Be Easier If You Had Better Case Acceptance From Your Patients?
Dr Mark Hassed shares his 5 most important steps to mastering case acceptance that will improve not only your communication but also your practice's profitability moving forward
The 5 Important Steps To Mastering Case Acceptance
There’s no doubt that if you make your treatment discussions with patients systematic and predictable you’ll multiply your success and at the same time dramatically cut your stress.

So, the question is, what’s the ideal way to present treatment to patients? Following below is a logical, sequential plan that will enable you to present any type of treatment to any type of patient.

There are five steps (which can be found below):
The Five Important Steps To Mastering Case Acceptance
The Five Important Steps To Mastering Case Acceptance
Step 1: Rapport
  • You need to build trust and establish credibility with patients.
  •  With the right approach it can be achieved in just a minute or two without coming off as a salesman.  
  •  There are a series of factors to consider in how your office is set up and how you approach patients.
Step 2: Analyse
  • You need to achieve some things with respect to diagnosis.
  •  I’m sure that you know the type of things I’m talking about — vitality testing, x-rays, perio, mobility, frac finder and so on. 
  •  Good treatment is based on sound diagnosis.
Step 3: Agitate
  • It’s a very common fact that patients tend to underestimate their problems and the amount of treatment that’s needed to fix things.
  •  As you analyse it’s essential that you agitate patients out of their complacency and let them appreciate the seriousness of their problems. 
  •  If patients understand their problems and the likely outcomes it makes the treatment discussion easy.
Step 4: Think
  • Prior to starting a treatment discussion you need a priceless commodity called “mental clarity”.
  •  If you have this things are simple, if you don’t then your case discussion becomes rambling, overly technical and confusing. 
  •  I show you the four questions that you need to answer before you start discussing treatment options with patients.
Step 5: Explain
  • Explaining treatment can and should be like landing a plane — you simply follow a step-by-step checklist with each step flowing seamlessly after the other.
  •  There are five steps in explaining treatment and once you know them your life becomes so simple. 
  •  One single method of explaining really can cover every type of patient.
What Other Dentists Are Saying About Dr Mark Hassed
“Like many dentists, communication was never my strong suit. Over the last 30 years of practice I have invested many days and tens of thousands of dollars studying with many leading dental communication experts both locally and in the US. Mark has been able to distill and simplify all that I have learnt and more into a straight forward, non-manipulative system that is easy to use and produces great results. This seminar will unlock the door to doing the best for your patients.”
Dr Darryl Marsh, QLD
Today's Dentistry
“Run don’t walk people. I’ve taken a lot of CE over the years. Mark’s course is hands down the quickest return on investment of any course I’ve ever taken. I can't rate Mark's material highly enough.”
Dr Brett Taylor, NSW
Leading Edge Dental
“Mark’s forte is systematising your practice whether it be the new patient exam, case presentation or the dentistry. You’ll make more money while making your life easier.”
“Mark’s forte is systematising your practice whether it be the new patient exam, case presentation or the dentistry.
You’ll make more money while making your life easier.”
Dr Jason Pang, NSW
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Dr Mark Hassed
The Relaxed Dentist (Dr Mark Hassed)
Extensive Audio Program
“Good clinical skills are important but what determines your level of financial success is how well you communicate with patients."

You may have magnificent clinical skills but until a patient says “yes" and accepts your treatment plan you don't get to do any work.

Have you ever been frustrated by: 
  •  patients going home to “think it over"?
  •  patients choosing the patch-up option? 
  •  your inability to get your message across? 
  •  taking too long in treatment consultations? 
  •  the stress of discussing finances with patients? 
  •  patients who just don't understand the need for treatment?
Master The Art of Case Acceptance
Extensive Audiobook Program
Can't make it to the live seminar?
Join me on this extensive audio program where we go in-depth on how to achieve better case acceptance and run a more profitable practice by effectively communicating the value of your treatment options to patients in any case presentation scenario.

It includes 4 case presentation case study examples you can implement at the practice immediately.
Here are just some of the things you will learn in the audio program: 
master The art of case acceptance
  • The highly effective 4 step process to presenting case presentations.
  •  How to get patients to want the treatment they need.
  •  How to get instant rapport.
  •  The six features of good communication in the dental office.
  •  The essential steps to prepare for a treatment discussion.
  •  How to tell patients about the severity of their problems.
  •  How long a treatment consultation should take.
  •  How to successfully present BIG treatment plans without stress.
  •  When and how to discuss money.
  •  How much technical detail to discuss with patients.
  •  How many treatment options to present.
  •  The correct way to present treatment options.
  •  What you must know about “informed consent".
  •  Seven “communication killers" to avoid.
  • And so much more...
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