Dr Mark Hassed

What dentist hasn't been asked that question lots of times?

There are 2 types of people who will ask you whether they can “pay it off”:

  1. People who are genuine
  2. Scammers

Is there a way of telling type 1. from type 2. and what do you answer? Is there a reply that keeps everyone (except the scammers) happy?

In both cases above the worst thing you can do is say “OK” and then do the work. Even type 1. people who have not paid for the work are much more likely to find fault.

The best reply is “Certainly! Come in here and Lisa will sign you up with GE Care Credit.”

The genuine people will be happy to go along. With GE Care Credit you can set it up so they get 6 months interest free. From the patient's point of view it's a great deal.

From your point of view you give away a few percentage points to GE Care Credit but you get the money up front and there is no recourse. If the patient doesn't pay there is no come-back to you.

The scammers will refuse saying something like: “No, I was wondering if I could pay YOU off.”

They won't want to sign up with GE because they know that the debt will be pursued to the ends of the Earth whereas they see you as a soft touch.

The approval process is incredibly quick and easy. It is done over the internet and you get an answer in a few minutes.

[P.S. I have no commercial interest whatsoever with GE Care Credit. I make this recommendation solely because I like their service.]

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