Dr Mark HassedWhile in the USA recently I visited an amazing burger restaurant. In the evenings, most burger restaurants (including McDonalds) were at best quarter full. By contrast In-N-Out Burger was absolutely jam packed with customers.

They have a tiny menu consisting of just 3 burgers, fries and shakes. The service is cheery but not rapid. So, what is the secret of their success?

In a word — quality. What they do, they do exceptionally well. Everything they serve is prepared fresh using excellent ingredients and you can taste the difference. In-N-Out burger have decided they will not try to be all things to all people but what they do will be the best.

I reckon the same applies to dentistry.

The secret to success is not to do a little bit of everything. It is to do the things you do exceptionally well. If you choose to do botox then become excellent at it. If you do sleep apnoea then be the best in town. If you do dentures then be a master and do them superbly.

Focus, quality, consistency, mastery — great concepts to ponder as we begin 2016.

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