Dr Mark HassedIf you want to work efficiently you must have a full kit of burs on your bracket tray every time you sit down to treat a patient, even if the appointment is only for a check up.

Going to the drawer to pick out burs one by one is not only unhygienic but also a waste of time.

The ideal way is to have your burs set in a bur block but, until now, the perfect bur block did not exist. Now it does.

It's called the Bur butler. You can get it from Amalgadent Dental Supplies.

The Bur butler is a silicone rubber base with a clear plastic cover. It is autoclavevable of course. It is tall enough to hold any height of bur. It can hold both latch grip and friction grip burs in any combination. It comes in five different colours so you can code by operatory or procedure.

Best of all however is the fact it grips the burs. Even if you knock it over or turn it upside down (which happens frequently unfortunately) the burs won't drop out.

This is a cool product!


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