Dr Mark HassedGreat dental practices are built on comprehensive new patient examinations, thorough diagnosis and carefully communication of their needs to patients.

Struggling practices whip new patients through the office. A quick look. A quick clean. Back out the door.

Great practices don't need a huge flow of new patients. Twenty or so per month is plenty to keep a dentist very busy and their appointment book full.

Struggling practices need a massive flow of new patients — fifty new patients per month or more. It's like trying to fill a bucket that has no bottom in it.

Great practices get to do lots of interesting challenging work on appreciative patients.

Struggling practices are stuck with churning through filling after filling, patch up after patch up.

Do you do a truly comprehensive new patient examination? Do you diagnose your patients thoroughly? Do you have a careful discussion with new patients about their needs?

If not, why not?

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