Dr Mark HassedOf all the gadgets that I've ever bought there's one that stands out as making my life much easier — Orascoptic XV1. It's a pair of through-the-lens loupes with built in batteries and headlight.

A headlight makes your life easier because it means you never have to adjust the overhead light ever again. That constant reaching to shift the light every time the patient moves is eliminated forever.

The XV1 has two other advantages:

  1. There is no battery pack with a cord to snag as opposed to traditional headlights.
  2. The arms are bendable so they stay on without the need for an annoying cord behind your head.

They cost over $3,000 but it is money well spent. As they say, do yourself a favour.

P.S. I get no payment for this recommendation. I make it because the XV1 is great.

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