Dr Mark HassedVisiting a practice recently I was amazed by the curing light — it was so s-l-o-w!

The light was decades old and at its best would have taken 30 seconds to cure composite. Now it took 60 seconds and even then the composite did not feel rock hard.

This got me thinking about how many dentists scrimp on equipment at a huge cost to their productivity.

Modern curing lights can set composite rock hard in 3 seconds. Gordon Christensen says that over 10 years composites cured in this way last every bit as well as slow cured composites.

If you own an old curing light think of how many beeps you will hear over the next ten years? Then think of how much time you would save with a 3-second light.

A fast curing light only costs $1,400. What's your time worth to you?

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