Dr Mark HassedHaving worked in dentistry for coming up on four decades I realise how unpredictable things can be.

A “broken tooth” can turn out to be almost anything — polishing, filling, endodontics, crown, bridge, extraction. You just don't know until you see the patient.

And, if you're not sure and your team is not sure then setting up is difficult.

You can get ready for what it might be but what do you do if it turns out to be different? You team was expecting a filling but it turns out to be endodontics.

That's why you need to design your office around rapidness and flexibility of set-up. You need to be a speed boat not an aircraft carrier.

Modular setups for procedures is the key.

A box for endodontics. Open it and you are ready to go. Same for rubber dam. Same for crowns and bridges. Same for fillings.

If it takes your team more than 20 seconds to set up for any procedure then you are doing it wrong.

The worst office I have ever been in takes over 15 minutes to set up for endodontics. But even good offices take 5 minutes.

Practice, think and modify your setups until you can be ready for any procedure in 20 seconds.

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