Rubber dam set upI was visiting a practice recently and the dentist had to stop work and wait because “all the hand pieces are in the steri”. The practice was, in effect, sitting idle in the middle of a busy work day just because of the lack of a $400 hand piece.

I'd like to be able to tell you that this is an isolated or unusual incident but it is not. I've seen dental treatment sessions grind to a halt for the lack of a $100 syringe or a $50 v-ring or a even a $20 rubber dam clamp.

Is your dental office fully resourced? Do you have enough instruments to fully cover your busiest work days? Do you ever have to wait or stop work due to missing instruments?

If so, then there is an easy and economically rational solution. Buy some more!

It doesn't make sense to have a dentist sitting idle due to the lack of instruments.

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