Are you on the bus?

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 Dr Mark HassedA dental practice cannot afford to have underperforming staff members. This has always been the case but it is particularly true in today’s ultra competitive market.

If you notice a staff member’s performance going down the tubes it is time to ask them if they want to be “on the bus or off the bus”. If they choose to be “on the bus” then they must bring their “A” game to work every single day.

What are the signs of declining performance? Here are a few that I look for:

  • Arriving late.
  • Extending their lunch breaks.
  • Texting or taking phone calls during work hours.
  • Forgetfulness – you need to keep reminding them of things.
  • Sickies on Monday or Friday.
  • Not being proactive in helping out coworkers.

In my experience declining performance very seldom self corrects. Therefore you are much better to have a conversation sooner rather than later.

One thought on “Are you on the bus?

    davidmoffet said:
    May 6, 2014 at 11:28 am

    Failing to identify and failing to act quickly are chronic problems for dentists. Maybe because dentists work “away” from other staff it’s like they hope that the problem will self correct.
    You’re right Mark. It never does.
    Toxic team members have usually checked out mentally long before the physical signs start showing.
    Best to “expand their employment options” and let them go once you see the signs.

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