Dr Mark HassedI went into my bank recently looking to simplify. I had a plan for reducing the number of accounts I had and getting better interest rates. All I needed was someone who could clearly show me my options and execute the transaction.

Thirty minutes later I walked out of the bank frustrated and confused with zero achieved.

The bank officer might have thought that they were being helpful but they weren't. They didn't listen and understand what I wanted and they didn't clearly explain my options in a way that I could make a decision.

Instead, I got a whole lot of “ifs”, “buts”, “maybes”, “You might want to look at this”, “You could consider that” and so on. After thirty minutes my head was swimming and I left the branch to “think it over”. The bank officer seemed more interested in explaining her bank's policies than helping me get what I wanted.

Is this relevant to dentistry? Emphatically yes!

I hate to say it but most dental case presentations that I've seen have a striking resemblance to how the bank officer treated me. Many dentists waffle, obfuscate, bamboozle and try to teach their patients dentistry 101. If you are doing less than 20 crowns a month I would be prepared to bet that you are confusing people in case presentation.

I've got a simple system that you can learn in only a couple of hours that will revolutionise your case presentations.

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