Dr Mark HassedThere are lots of ways that a dentist can confuse a patient.

They can use jargon. They can be long-winded and technical. They can obfuscate with words like “ideally” and “one day”. They can be boring. They can use pointless visual aids. Or, they could give too many options.

Patients won't say “I'm confused” or “I'm bored”. They are too polite for that. Instead they'll just tune out and when it comes time to make a decision they'll say “I'd like to think about it”.

If you're taking more than three minutes to explain treatment to patients then you seriously need to cut down. You're going too long. You're exceeding their attention span and giving them information they cannot process.

Make your treatment discussions short, interesting and jargon free.

The relaxed dentistThe Art of Case Acceptance and The Art of Efficient Dentistry.

In 2016 I will be presenting these two exciting topics in one day seminars. Case Acceptance is my flagship seminar and has received rave reviews from attendees. It is on in Sydney on 20 February and Melbourne on 9 April. Efficient Dentistry — learn how to increase your productivity while simultaneously reducing your effort and stress — will be on in Melbourne on 13 February and Sydney on 5 March.

Click here for more information and to register.

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