Dr Mark Hassed

The thing that has best equipped me as a consultant is having worked in literally dozens of practices.

It has allowed me to see the good, the bad and the ugly in the way that many other offices run.

Among the practices I have visited I can honestly say that:

I've never been in a practice that was so hopeless that I didn't learn something.

and also I can say with total confidence that:

I've never been in a practice that was perfect.

Therefore I am going to propose this idea.

Call up one of your very good friends in dentistry and do a practice swap with them for a week. Go to their practice and work there. Have the staff treat you just like them. Of course he does the same in your office.

You both get paid the standard rate for locums (45% after deducting lab costs).

I confidently predict that, at the end of that week, you will have learnt more about running a practice that you have in the whole of the past year.

You and your friend will have lots to talk about. You will be able to show each other improvements. You will also be able to both point out blind spots. Those stupid counter-productive things that happen even in the best practices.

Good luck and let me know how you go.

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