Dr Mark Hassed

One aspect of working efficiently is communicating efficiently with clients.

Long experience has taught me that if you want people to make decisions you do not overload them with options. Overloading people with options will only slow down the decision process, producing lots of questions and ultimately “I'll think about it.”

Recent psychological research has confirmed the validity of my view.

The ideal number of options for decision making is two.

Whenever a client must make a decision give them 2 choices – no more, no less.

But, how does this work if there are 4 options? For example to replace some missing posterior teeth where the options are 2 types of partial denture, a bridge or implants?

Still stick to the 2 options. Break the decision process into steps. I.e. Do you want teeth that are fixed in or removable? Then when they make that 2-option choice you give them the next 2 option choice.

If you stick to the 2 option rule you will find your communication with clients will be much simpler and easier.

And, you'll hear “I'll think about it” far less often.

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