Dr Mark HassedWhen you're in a comfort zone it's easy to say: “Why should I change? Why should I become more efficient?”

Let me give you one reason — for the patients. Patients love efficient dentistry.

A while ago I was at a restaurant. A lady was sitting there looking sad and rubbing her face. The conversation ran like this.

Me: “What happened to you.”

Lady: “I just had a crown done today. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. I was in the chair for an hour and a half.”

Me: “If there were two different ways of doing a crown that produced the same identical result — one that took and hour and a half and one that took half an hour, which would you choose?”

Lady: “The half an hour one of course.”

Then she went on to say something very interesting.

Lady: “In fact I'd pay an additional $200 to have it done in half an hour.”

Patients so love getting out of the dental chair that they will pay extra to have their work done efficiently. If you don't want to become more efficient for yourself then do it for the patients.

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