Dr Mark HassedOne of the nice things about visiting and working in lots of different practices is that I get to try out many different materials.

Until a few years ago I thought all composites were pretty much the same. Some were tackier, some polished better, some were stiffer but all much of a muchness.

That was until I tried G-aenial Universal Flo.

GFlo (as I'll call it from now on) is a thixotropic flowable. It flows under pressure but otherwise stays exactly where you put it.

It works magnificently in class 1, 2 and 5 cavities as well as cores.

Because you flow it into the cavity you never get gaps or voids as you can with traditional composites. The problem of pull-back is eliminated. If you take an x-ray of a GFlo filling you'll see what I mean — and almost imperceptible blending into the tooth.

GFlo feels harder than many conventional composites when you cut it. After seeing them for several years I can say for sure that they wear well. No overlay of conventional composite is needed.

The thixtropic property is great for class 5 cavities and cores. With cores it does away with the need for a matrix band which saves a lot of time.

My estimate is that GFlo saves me about 4-5 minutes on every restoration.

A2 works great and is like a universal.

If you haven't tried GFlo you really should.

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