Dr Mark HassedTeam training is very important, especially if you want to run an efficient and profitable dental office. Yet, in so many dental offices training consists of being sent into the treatment room with the doctor and picking it up as you go along.

That's not fair on the new team member, the doctor and it's certainly not fair on the patient.

So, how should you train new team members? It's a 4-step process:

  1. Understand
    New team members first read the practice manual and understand how things are done. [Have you got a practice manual?]
  2. Watch
    Then they watch an experienced team member do the task.
  3. Do
    Then they do the task themselves but under the watchful eye of an experienced team member.
  4. Qualify
    Finally they're qualified to do the tax without supervision.

Do you have a systematic approach to bringing new team members on board. Or, do you just throw them in the deep end?

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