Dr Mark Hassed

Most dentists live pretty well.

They generally drive nice cars and live in nice houses. They drink quality wine. When they fly it's often business class. If they play golf they use expensive clubs with graphite fibre shafts.

But, there's one area where many dentists like to save money — instruments.

I've been into office after office where the hand instruments are old, blunt and worn out. They look like they were bought at a garage sale.

I was in an office a while ago where the ultrasonic scaler tips were so worn down it was no longer possible to get them between the teeth. It was like trying to scale teeth with a knitting needle.

In another office the probes are so blunt it's impossible to accurately diagnose occlusal caries.

Why would you want to work like that? Every day. Day in, day out.

Beautiful instruments are enjoyable to use them and make you more efficient. They pay for themselves. The cost is tax deductible.

When you could be using beautifully balanced instrument with ergonomic handles it's such a shame to do otherwise.

Have a look through your instruments and get rid of the rubbish. Do yourself a favour.

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