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“Would you like me to come to your city and present The art of case acceptance or The art of efficient dentistry?
I can run these seminars anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK or the world.
All you need to do is organise the event and provide ten or more dentists as paid attendees.”

Let's run a seminar together…

It can be profitable, enjoyable and tailored exactly to your needs.

1. Email me or fill in the form below and we agree on the date.

2. I set up a web page where people register.

Registration for dentists* is $1,500 each (plus GST if applicable) of which $1,200 goes to me and $300 goes to you to cover the costs of promotion, venue, audio-visual, catering, printing and name tags. Registration for staff is $450 each (plus GST if applicable) of which $360 goes to me and $90 goes to you.

*Minimum attendance is 10 dentists.

By the way,

I also accept invitations…

To speak at conferences and individual practices.

Please email me or fill in the form below to discuss your needs.

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